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About Us

Equine Brand Registry (EBR) was inspired after working as a veterinary technician and noticing that anyone could take a horse to a clinic, have a Coggins test drawn and in minutes be recorded as the owner of that horse.  In many states Coggins papers are considered proof of ownership!  (How do you prove you own your horse?)

On any given day, I found Facebook or Craigslist ads of people looking for their missing horse by posting poor quality pictures with vague markings and insufficient descriptions.  If a missing horse went through the sale barn how would I be able to identify it as a missing horse?  How could I quickly find the ad of the missing horse that I had seen days prior to the sale?

I asked horse owners at various equestrian events what they used to prove ownership of their horse(s).  All said Coggins papers, some said breed registration papers, and others said a brand.  I asked where the brand was registered and 90% said it was not registered because the Cattlemen's Association wouldn't register their brand design or they owned several horses each with different brands.

You see, the Cattlemen's Brand Associations are state/county regulated with each having their own rules with no consistency between the states/counties.  I encourage you to research your state's Cattlemen's Association regulations.  

Please note there is a difference between and horses individual brand and a holding brand

 So, I decided the equine world needed a place to register each horse's individual brand(s) along with pictures that were transferable to the new owner upon sale.  

Hence  "EQUINE BRAND REGISTRY " (EBR) was born!

 Founder Patti Sears and her husband Tom live on their ranch near Oklahoma

City, OK.  They raise a variety of animals including mules, horses and cattle.     

Patti has a lifetime of experience in the equine world and has ridden horses and 

mules her entire life.  She has worked as a veterinary technician, a 

ranch hand in Arizona as well as a trail guide.


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