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Questions and Answers

My picture won't upload!  What can I do?

You can always email it to us.

I am not good on the computer how can I get my horse registered?

Give us a call and we can set an appointment to help register your horse over the phone as long as you can text pictures.

I live out of state. Where can I get my horse branded?

Check our Freeze Brand Technicians page for a someone near your.

What kind of brand can I get on my horse?

You may choose from the brand designs we have available or you can create your own design and we can have a branding iron made with your personal brand design.  

How does the freeze branding procedure work?

You select a brand.  A technician will shave the area on your horse where you want your brand.  The area will be cleaned with alcohol and the freeze brand will be applied to your horse for a few seconds and that's it.  Your horse may move a little bit but that is normal.

Will I need to doctor my horse after it's branded?

No, just keep the area clean and monitor it until the brand site has healed.  You can expect the brand to peel like a sun burn.

Will the freeze brand hurt my horse?

Your horse will feel a cold sensation during the procedure and then a slight stinging feeling afterwards.  Similar to when your fingers get really cold.

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